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Chapman Design Service designs and draws plans exclusively for licensed residential contractors and their clients. I can design addition, deck, single-family home, porch, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), garage, basement remodel projects, and more. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have, to get a quote for services, or to set up a time to meet and go over your project. A list of references is available at your request.

Chapman Design Service owner
Meet the owner,
Keith Chapman
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I have always been fascinated with the process of construction. As time went by, my focus turned toward residential buildings and their design. Following my passion, I earned my Associates Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology, graduating in 1981. Shortly after graduation, a chance conversation with a local contractor led to my filling his need for plans to be drawn and Chapman Design Service was initially started. Over the years since, I have had the opportunity to work with and for several lumber yards, contractors, building material distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers. This has given me the knowledge and ability to better understand the multi-faceted sides of the design and construction industry and I incorporate this knowledge into the designs for my clients.

When Chapman Design Service was re-launched in 2013, I began using the Chief Architect® Home Designer Pro program, a very capable and dynamic home design software program. This allows your client’s visions to become reality with a simpler design process, color elevation and 3-D views, and a much quicker way to make revisions. Once the plans are ready, next is the ability to generate the construction documents needed to apply for building permits. This technology has made the design process flow much faster than the old days of paper, T-square and triangles!

I will provide you with a professional design to meet your client's individual needs. Think of me as being an on-call designer so you don't have to draw the plans yourself or hire a person full time in-house to fill that need. I can also modify plans you may already have from your clients or other sources. I look forward to the chance to work with you.

Thank you for reading,


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: What is the process for you to get started on plans for a project?

A: After our initial conversation, I'd want to meet with you at the project location to view the project area, take needed measurements and/or Matterport captures, and note existing conditions of the site such as approximate grade, floor heights, materials, and other design elements to make sure I can incorporate your individual needs in your plans. With a new house, we can meet where convenient to go over ideas, needs, and details. If you already have a plan from a service, magazine, etc., they can be emailed to me as well. I have a list of references available which I can supply you at your request.​ If your project requires the existing house interior to be part of the remodel plan, please advise when scheduling appointment, as I don't take the camera to all site visits.

Q: Are you an architect?

A: I have my Associates in Engineering in Architectural Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology. However, I am not a licensed/registered architect, engineer or contractor. Residential projects in Massachusetts do not require an architect to prepare the design and plans for the construction, enlargement or alteration of (a) any building containing less than thirty five thousand cubic feet of enclosed space, and/or (b) any single or two-family house or any accessory building thereto. You should check with your local building inspection department beforehand, as some towns may require an architect or engineer's stamp and/or lateral load analysis, which I can not provide. Many of the lumber yards have staff on hand that can assist with engineered material design as well.


Q: Do you charge for the initial site visit?

A: This is done at no charge. I will then submit a written price estimate to you for the drawings after our meeting. I'd then await your approval of my Estimate/Quote, Terms and Conditions and retainer deposit before I begin the design. Please note: Customer assumes all responsibility that project(s) falls within property boundaries and/or setbacks as required. Additional discussions regarding changes, etc. will be done via email or with a Zoom virtual meeting.

Q: What is the normal lead time to get the plans?

A: I expect to have a preliminary design to you for review within 2-4 weeks after our initial meeting, depending on the project scope.

Q: Do you charge for changes to the design?

A: My pricing includes up to 2 (two) rounds of revisions before the final set is started. After that, changes initiated by the client are billed on an hourly basis. The plans are emailed to the client in PDF form for viewing. 

Q: Do you perform rating or energy calculations?

​A: Any required rating and energy code compliance such as HERS, REScheck, etc. are to be supplied by others


Q: Do you draw the entire existing house as a part of a remodeling project?

A: Plans include the general area surrounding the project, not the entire structure.​ Some towns need the actual house to be shown for elevations, etc.. If needed, that can be provided for an additional fee. Be sure to mention that when we set up the site visit. If your project requires the existing house interior to be part of the remodel plan, please advise when scheduling appointment, as I don't take the Matterport Pro2 3D camera to all site visits.


Q: Do you offer 3-D views of the project?

A: Yes. Color 3-D views are included with the preliminary design to show exterior elevation, overhead floor and other views which may be helpful for clients to visualize their project. They are not included in the finished plan sets, as they are not needed for filing for building permits. Please note I do not show the exact interior colors/finishes, furniture or design aesthetics, as these views are for concept and illustration purposes only. 


Q: What drawings do you include with your plans?

 A: Your personalized plans include (as applicable):

·         Foundation plan

·         Floor plan(s)

·         Exterior elevation views (up to 4, depending on project type)

·         A detailed section view

·         Door & window schedule

·        Floor, ceiling & roof framing plans – The engineered material supplier will typically design and prepare the final framing plans for LVL, I-joist framing and/or roof trusses when used.

Up to 6 sets of plans are printed on 11” x 17” paper. Or sent as a PDF to the client and they can print the plan themselves. Customer will pick up their plan copies at the "Staples™" location of their choice.

Some projects will need to be printed on 18” x 24” or 24" x 36" paper as needed or requested. Customer will pick up and pay for their large paper plan copies at the "Staples™" location of their choice.


Please note: I do not provide material lists, plot plans, locating the project on plot plans, septic plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, HVAC plans, irrigation design, landscape plans, security system design, etc. Those are for the trades that do that actual work and know their respective codes to design. Nor do I provide interior design option services, such as multiple carpet, tile, hardware, floor, wall, or ceiling finish choices. I have names for interior designers I can refer you to should those services be desired.


Q: What if there is a need to cancel the project?

A: Cancellation policy: Should the Customer cancel the project before the plans are completed, the Customer will be invoiced at the current hourly rate of $70.00 per hour for the time spent on their project up to and including the cancellation date. All cancellations must be submitted by email or phone with a received follow up confirmation from Chapman Design Service, LLC.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: Please go to the "Contact" page for the methods accepted and link to the "UniPay by UniBank" link for online payments. I also accept cash and checks.


Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have. For a copy of my full "Terms and Conditions", please contact me. I look forward to working with you!

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